Our studio specializes in creation of interior and exterior designs. Based on the agreement with a client, we visualize a plan, and create ground plan and space layout. We provide a complex solution of project documentation. The construction is tailored for each client from the draft, building permit, realization, and building approval. We work together with suppliers who provide us with materials from traditional European, Indian and Indonesian markets. The firm prioritizes pleasant behavior and a distinct approach with a client. A client’s opinion is very important to us. During the realization, we put emphasize on work with natural materials which are integral parts of our project solutions.

Designer Michal Pěkný

Czech designer in the field of interior and exterior solutions

Clients mostly value his originality and individual approach. He is also being searched by our clients coming from gastro businesses who do not only expect quality design work, but also functional and logistic arrangement of interior elements, ergonomics of staff work and guests intuitive orientation in the area.
Michal has been pursuing his designer career for over 15 years. In his life, he greatly values purposefulness, self-respect and humility. Nature, music and history are sources of his inspiration. Amongst his role models are Charles IV., Jan Kaplický, Eva Jiříčná and Roberto Cavalli for all of their strong personalities and things they have accomplished. Personally, Michal prefers modern, Scandinavian, colonial, minimalistic style and an overall timeless view on design.


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The studio offers their own service or realization based on the client and architect. Coverings from natural or artificial stone, ceramic floors and tiling, sanitary and battery of leadings manufacturers from Italy, Spain and Germany.


Nádeníček - interiéry a design

Production of furniture and interiors with high quality, premium design and guaranteed long life. Interiors of work and social spaces, kitchen furniture, shelves, bedrooms, children and office furniture, door wings, wardrobes and inbuilt wardrobes.

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Radek Hoffman

Heavy-current installations, low-current installations, revisions, EZS, intelligent xComfort house, lightning designs, tailor-made lightning, complete tailored solutions.

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Since 2001, Dublino has been specializing in furniture selling for hotels, restaurants and gastronomy businesses. With much pride we can say that we managed more than 1000 restaurants and cafes in the last 13 years. Our portfolio includes facilities for cafes, restaurants and hotels like tables and chairs, table legs, table tops, bar chairs, outdoor chairs and tables, dining chairs and tables.



We manually crook furniture at a where this unique technology has been used since 1861. We move its options further and connect them with present ideas of designers. Therefore, our chairs and tables become a unique blend of quality, innovative shapes and a legacy of a place which, for over generations, learned how to work with wood.

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During 24 years of presence on the market, since 1992, AVANTI gradually grew into one of the most significant importers of floor coverings in to the Czech Republic. 



Snel furniture



Our company sells and assembles shading technology from leading domestic and foreign manufactores. We offer a large range of shades in many designs with large choice of colours and decors. It is our goal to offer an individual solution tailored to each client. As a matter of course, we provide guarantee on all of our shading technology and post-warranty service.

Snel Furniture is a unique large-retailing operating on the Czech market since 1998. Snel is the only daughter company of the Dutch Gert Snel BV which has been over the past 45 years transporting furniture, antiques and decorations from all over the world. We create our own products from recycled materials with love and passion. In Loděnice, we offer at an area of more than 2500 m2, a mixture of original pieces as well as replicas that are being stored and available immediately.

Design and creation of fireplaces in Prague and its surroundings. Krby STYLE s.r.o specializes in complex solutions of fireplace realization. We put emphasis on distinctive and unique design, professional approach, and guarantee of quality of production. Our cooperation with leading suppliers on the market allows us to provide a large spectrum of options and individual approach for our clients. Only the solution and implementation itself is not our goal. We wish that your fireplace always makes your home comfortable.

Contact us



michalpekny@mpeknydesign.com - Michal Pěkný

lukasexner@mpeknydesign.com - Asistent Lukáš Exner




+420 776 313 190 - Michal Pěkný

+420 724 715 331 - Asistent Lukáš Exner